Sunday, 9 December 2012

Outfit of the day-Trench coat and velvet

 Outfit of the day

  • Burberry inspired trench coat- Ebay store
  • Peter Pan DIY shirt-Unknown
  • 'Boy London' sweatshirt- Camden

  • Vintage Purple Velvet Tshirt (with rolled sleeves)-Ebay
  • Amber Necklace-was my Great Grandmother's
  • Maroon 'Leigh' Jeans-Topshop
  • Blue Velvet Chelsea Boots-Primark

Thursday, 6 December 2012

How to: Make and style skater skirts

How to: Make and style skater skirts

So I had some free time in textiles today (as I forgot my fabric like an idiot) and I wanted to have a go at making a skater skirt. These are incredibly popular in Britain at the moment, especially in Topshop, H&M, New Look etc. They're also really easy to style even for winter. Just tuck a baggy knitted jumper in or wear with a big t shirt and a leather jacket. I took photos of a few ideas (sorry for the rubbish quality).      

 Essentially skater skits are just circle skirts.

  •  Fold your piece of fabric in half (mine is a tropical print so a bit unseasonal) and cut an appropriate size semi-circle out so when you unfold the fabric you'll have a circle.
  •  Fold again and measure your waist, half this and then cut another semi circle to this measurement so you'll be left with a circle the size of your waist in the centre.
  • I would advice to use elastic if you want it to stay on your waist and insert a zip so you can pull the skirt over your hips
Hope this helps, I managed to make mine in an hour and 30 minutes but my hems are terrible. If you're really stuck, search patterns for circle skirts and this should help :)


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to fake it: Drippy Chanel DIY

How to fake it: Drippy Chanel DIY

What you'll need:

  • Plain white t-shirt (mine is from Primark men's in size medium as I wanted a baggy style)
  • black and silver fabric paint (mine is Dylon and can be purchased from John Lewis/ Ebay)
  • some paintbrushes
  • tailor's chalk pencil/ a light pencil and rubber
I love Chanel as a brand and recently I've seen a lot of images of 'drippy chanel' DIYs appearing on tumblr and they're becoming quite popular in Britain. When I went to Camden Lock, there were stalls full of these! The cheaper alternative is to buy a cheap t-shirt from primark and do it yourself. Using a light hand, sketch your design onto your tshirt with tailor's chalk pencil or just a normal pencil. I googled images of this, like the one above. Essentially, it's like an incomplete pie chart then you draw on your drips. After that I just painted over my design in black fabric paint and when this had dried I added some glitter paint for a bit of sparkle.

How to style:
I roll the sleeves of my tee and I like to wear it tucked in to jeans although in a lot of pictures I see, people wear them tucked in to high waisted jeans which looks really nice. Throw on a leather jacket and some Dr Martens or battered converse, outfit complete :)