Sunday, 2 March 2014

OOTD: Winter Walks

Parka: Zara
Red Jumper: H&M
Black Joni Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Doc Martens
Chav Hoops: Primark
I want to formally apologise for my absence which can mainly be blamed on procrastination and all those other lazy teenage stereotypes blah blah. However, I promise this is no Girl Aloud Hiatus with a sudden return and then final break up:( This photo was taken on a lovely windy, winter walk with my friend Hannah before a little trip to the museum (bad move- it was half term) and the following loss of my Yo!Sushi virginity. Hopefully more outfit posts up soon as I am going to London for my birthday. I am also debating starting a Youtube Channel, any ideas for that? See you soon XXX

Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer Favourites 2013

//Bag- H&M// Dungaress- Asos via Ebay// Left Gold Chain- My Grandmother's// Chunky Gold Chain- Topshop// Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters// Mist You Madly- Soap And Glory// Crescent Bay- Hollister//
As we're approaching autumn, I wanted to share some of my summer favourites. The H&M bag has been such a handy size for summer outings and parties. It has a section inside that I can keep my makeup in as well as other essentials (even my umbrella fits). I've practically lived in denim this summer: high waisted jeans, shorts and these dungarees. They were a bargain from ebay and I really like to wear them with cropped and striped tops. They were also perfect for the festival I went to. Although they're not exactly high waisted, they can be with a belt (mine is from Primark). I don't really wear statement necklaces but I do like gold chains. The one from my Grandmother is more dainty and better for during the day time whereas the Topshop one really pulls an outfit together and compliments plainer tops. The sunglasses were a sale bargain from Urban Outfitters last year and I really like the shape plus the grey tones which seem to go with everything. Although I have a few pairs of sunglasses, I have been sticking to these ones and I normally chuck them in my bag whenever I go out. I don't own too many perfumes but I prefer body sprays in summer anyway as they're not too overpowering. My favourite everyday one has been Mist You Madly by Soap and Glory which was a birthday present. It is very girly and floral but also not too heavy. Crescent Bay by Hollister is also gorgeous. In my opinion it smells like sweets while at the same time being tropically. I bought it last year and tend to only use it in the summer as it is definitely a summer scent. I hope you've enjoyed this post X

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


View of the coast of France from the Aeroplane 

The nicest bike in Barcelona
St. Josef Market
St. Josef Market
Casa Batlló

Plaça Reial

Sagrada Família

Cami- Topshop
Shorts- H&M

I was extremely lucky recently to go on holiday to the beautiful Costa Brava and to visit Barcelona. I flew to Barcelona when I was little and drove through part of the city but have very little recollection of it. I LOVE big cities, I think London is amazing and I remember being in love with Paris when I went there at 13. Me and my family did the traditional touristy things ,including visiting the beautiful Sagrada Família and admiring Gaudi's architecture. I tried chicken paella in Plaça Reial, my family thought it was weird to take a picture but if food is that good, it deserves to be remembered. We also briefly ventured inside the massively busy St. Josef 'merkat' (market) which had the best fruit juices and smoothies (also deserved a picture). I realise now that I am probably one of those really annoying tourists who shouldn't be allowed a camera but I always like looking back at holiday pictures and this is only a VERY small selection.

I picked up a few souvenirs in Spain. Surprise, surprise I got some Bioderma (in the unlikely event that you don't already know what this is, it is a sort of watery/light make up remover). I bought the 100ml bottle from a pretty pharmacy on La Rambla in Barcelona. I also bought these neon nail varnishes and some pretty rings from a market I visited near the town I was staying in. One of the nicest shops I visited while I was away was Pull&Bear in Barcelona which was having a sale at the time consequently leading to me buying another striped top (I have way too many).

It was such a nice holiday, the beaches in the Costa Brava really are popular for a reason and I got my first proper tan lines ever (this is a serious achievement for me).

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

OOTD- Crop top and Corduroy

Black Racerback Crop Top-£3, Topshop sale (a while ago)
Camel Corduroy Circle Skirt- American Apparel via Ebay
Leather Clutch Purse-£0.50, Charity Shop
Camel Boat/ Deck Shoes- £7.99, Ebay

Firstly, I want to apologise for my almost 3 month absence! I have completed my GCSE exams now and have been relaxing during this much needed holiday. As I have more free time now I should definitely be able to update my blog more. I'll be starting sixth form college in September to do my A-levels which gives me an excuse to buy more clothes (no more school uniform ever again, yesssss). I picked up this AA skirt from ebay the other day for a fraction of the price it is brand new. I love circle skirts, they seem to flatter any shape and they go with everything. The shoes are another bargain off ebay, I love any type of loafer or deck/ boat shoe. If it is not already evident, I also love ebay. The weather is not completely dependable here at the moment so I wore tights and took a jumper and an umbrella out with me for a quick Costa and a bite to eat with the girls.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A Weekend of Outfits

Graphic T-shirt-Jack Wills (a long time ago)
Blue speckled skater skirt-£16, Topshop (petite)
Blue Velvet Chelsea Boots-£5, Primark
Floral Patterned T-shirt-£12.75, Forever 21
Super high waisted joni jeans in 'mid stone'-£36, Topshop

Sorry for the lack of recent posts! These are pictures of my outfits from a recent weekend away. We are in that weird transition period in Britain- from Winter to Spring/Summer and therefore if can still get quite cold. My best companion recently has been this Gray hoodie from the Men's section at Primark (£8-bargain). The colour is fairly versatile and it keeps me pretty warm.
Have a good weekend :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

OOTD-Varsity Blues

Super high waisted joni jeans in 'mid stone'-£36, Topshop
raglan tee-£7.99, eBay store
Tartan Scarf- £3.00, Primark men's
Baseball/ sports jacket-£20.00, Vintage shop
Cherry Red Converse hi-tops

I'm sorry for the lack of recent posts, I have been very busy with coursework recently and it was my birthday the other day- I am now 16! For my birthday I got this lovely maroon coloured raglan tee (very similar to the American Apparel ones) that had been sitting in my eBay watch list for a while. These are starting to become very popular and fit into the current Varsity and American old school preppy trends. I am in love with my Joni jeans from Topshop. They will literally go with anything and are a much cheaper alternative to the American Apparel Easy Jean. I also found my old converse which I have owned since I was about 13 and are looking slightly worse for wear. I am currently listening to 'Bad Blood' the new album by Bastille, another lovely birthday present, which is amazing (as where the band live in February). Have a good weekend :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Monochrome lookbook

The Black and White diaries

Gold Chain-£1.50, Topshop sale
Floral Patterned T-shirt-£12.75, Forever 21
Black Disco leggings-£9.99, Misguided
Black Platforms-£10.00, New Look sale
Faux Leather Jacket-£29.99, H&M
Faux Fur Collar-£2, H&M sale

Striped shirt with nautical print-F21 last year

Striped T-shirt-Christmas present from Next
Black Creepers-£23.99, Ebay last year

Navy Blue Beanie-£3.00, Primark

red velvet bow headband-home made

Black dress with peter pan collar-Ebay find
similar dress here
The cat wanted a photo:)

So lately I've been seeing a lot of black and white in the shops and it seems, as well as the usual bright colours of s/s, monochromatic prints will be very popular. From houndstooth, checks and bold stripes, monochrome is everywhere. Cara Delevingne (my favourite model) wears a beautiful embroidered Armani dress on the cover of the UK's March issue of Vogue, with a bold monochromatic square design. I think simple black and white garments can be extremely versatile. The classic little black dress with the addition of a white collar and striped t-shirts with black skinny jeans are the perfect staples. Another benefit of black clothing is it can be very figure flattering and black and white clothing tends to look good whether fitted or baggy. I didn't include my Dr Martens in this post as I have been wearing them to death recently and instead I dug out those things called creepers that everybody was obsessed with last year (although I think docs and similar boots would go nicely with these outfits as well). I also thought I'd include these basic black platforms shoes I got in the New Look sale last month- absolute bargain for £10! I'm sorry if you can't get hold of all these things in the shops still, these outfits are just a few ideas of how to style monochrome :)
Loving this new T-shirt I got in Forever 21 last week, I think its quite Givency esque .