Tuesday, 6 August 2013


View of the coast of France from the Aeroplane 

The nicest bike in Barcelona
St. Josef Market
St. Josef Market
Casa Batlló

Plaça Reial

Sagrada Família

Cami- Topshop
Shorts- H&M

I was extremely lucky recently to go on holiday to the beautiful Costa Brava and to visit Barcelona. I flew to Barcelona when I was little and drove through part of the city but have very little recollection of it. I LOVE big cities, I think London is amazing and I remember being in love with Paris when I went there at 13. Me and my family did the traditional touristy things ,including visiting the beautiful Sagrada Família and admiring Gaudi's architecture. I tried chicken paella in Plaça Reial, my family thought it was weird to take a picture but if food is that good, it deserves to be remembered. We also briefly ventured inside the massively busy St. Josef 'merkat' (market) which had the best fruit juices and smoothies (also deserved a picture). I realise now that I am probably one of those really annoying tourists who shouldn't be allowed a camera but I always like looking back at holiday pictures and this is only a VERY small selection.

I picked up a few souvenirs in Spain. Surprise, surprise I got some Bioderma (in the unlikely event that you don't already know what this is, it is a sort of watery/light make up remover). I bought the 100ml bottle from a pretty pharmacy on La Rambla in Barcelona. I also bought these neon nail varnishes and some pretty rings from a market I visited near the town I was staying in. One of the nicest shops I visited while I was away was Pull&Bear in Barcelona which was having a sale at the time consequently leading to me buying another striped top (I have way too many).

It was such a nice holiday, the beaches in the Costa Brava really are popular for a reason and I got my first proper tan lines ever (this is a serious achievement for me).